Tips on how to kick-start the new school year

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

1. Sit at the front

I know that nobody wants to be that kid, but there are a lot of perks to braving the front row.  Most importantly, when you’re up front you pay attention and participate.

2. Ask your teachers for more help

A lot of students don’t take advantage of this time, but it can be a huge help when you’re struggling.

3. Take breaks

Long study sessions may seem like the best way to learn material, but studies have shown that taking breaks actually helps the brain retain information better. Taking a 5-minute break for every 20 minutes of studying will make cramming sessions a lot more productive. Pro-tip: 5-minute Facebook breaks almost always turn into 20-minute breaks.

4. Eat healthy

Temptation to eat unhealthy, greasy food is everywhere. Developing healthy eating habits is a great way to stay energized and ready for class. When you eat better, you feel better.

5. Utilize friends and family

Studying in your room may seem like the comfiest option, but it’s always good to ask for helpl from parents, siblings and friends.

6. Manage your time wisely

Life is all about finding that perfect balance between work and play. Figure out what works for you and stick to it.

7. Use tutoring centers

Enough said!

8. Get to know your teachers

Establishing good relationships with your teachers is a great way to get ahead in your studies. Stick around a few minutes after class and have a chat with them, it could make a world of difference later on.

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